We believe it to be important that schools evaluate the results of an intervention and to this end we provide a number of tools to enable a comprehensive analysis of the impact of Turnabout. Our recording formats ensure that the results are presented in a manner that can be readily shared with parents, governors, inspectors and other interested parties.

Skills Hierarchy

Although the majority of learners make very significant improvements in their capacity to learn it is inevitable that there will be some gaps in their knowledge and in their capabilities, particularly in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling. Some will have closed the gap due to their ability to participate better in the classroom and there are some learners who having started to read fluently, become avid readers and by the end of the Turnabout training, increases in reading age of two or three years are not uncommon. But for some learners the school needs to take specific action to overcome these historic gaps in their learning.

To assist with this, we provide what we have termed - a skills hierarchy- used to identify the gaps in knowledge so that they can be addressed. This facility encompasses basic aspects of - number systems, computation, numerical relationships, reading and spelling.

Some primary schools have something very comparable in place and they don't need to use the facility that we provide. And some primary schools are very pleased to make use of it - sometimes not just for Turnabout children but for other pupils perhaps who have transferred from another educational setting. Secondary schools very often do not have a comparable process and find this a most useful tool. Some secondary schools have used this facility for students not on Turnabout, but who are not making expected progress to ascertain gaps in their students' skills in these areas.

All of our assessment tools are clearly explained in the training video module 5.