Find Out More About Turnabout

The Turnabout Programme is distributed and supported by Turnabout Education. We will be very pleased to respond to requests for further information; to advise schools how to implement the programme and to explain the outcomes that can be expected.

Acquiring Turnabout

To use the Turnabout Programme the school must acquire a license to use the programme and must train the staff. The user licence allows for an unlimited number of learners and is applicable for an unlimited period of time in an individual school. The cost of the license relates to the size of the school or college.

The user licence encompasses:

  • The full range of designated Turnabout activities; these becoming progressively more demanding, to be used as the learner's mental attributes develop.
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation.
  • Comprehensive assessment documentation.
  • Processes for assistance with measuring and assessing the progress made by pupils undertaking the Turnabout Programme.
  • Processes for pupil self-assessment and for developing self-esteem.
  • Help-desk' advice and support.
  • Facility to view each online training module for up to fifteen times in one year with an option to renew for subsequent years

The training is:

  • Six individual modules on individual topics
  • Typically for the support staff who will be delivering the programme and for the Senco/Manager.
  • Both practical and theoretical.
  • Excellent Inset for the support staff.
  • Invariably enjoyed by the attendees.